DAYCARE CLOSES: Parents Given Little Notification

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Parents at Magellan Christian Academy in Urbandale say, what the daycare is doing to them is anything but Christian-like. The daycare closed down Thursday giving parents only a few hours notice and after accepting payment for next week.

"They went ahead and took our last two weeks out today and about 15 minutes later after getting the invoice I got the notice that we are no longer able to bring our son here." says parent Erica Kasischke.

Now, parents are scrambling to find care for about 30 children who attended the daycare facility.  Workers say even they weren’t notified of the closing until parents told them about it.  The florida based owners blame what they call the, "Low quality of workforce in Iowa."

As for Iowa, owner Tom Blitch says it’s,  “Been like the Twilight Zone, how bad it is up there."

The owners insist they will contact parents about offering refunds.