FLOOD ANNIVERSARY: Birdland Levee Breeched

Today marks the five-year anniversary of the Birdland levee breach. The levee broke in 2008, washing out homes and businesses.

Since then the area has bounced back, some say, better than ever.

Most remember clean-up and restoring their property like it was yesterday.

Owner, Kathy Essex says “people still talk about it; they still wanna see the pictures.”

It took "Mr. Bibbs tenderloin" in Des Moines one month and all the owner's money to clean up after the floods of 2008.

Roughly six feet of water flooded the restaurant. Pictures remind the family business of the mess the floods left behind.

“I was literally down on my hands and knees with a puddy knife and tooth-brush scrubbing every crack in the tile,” says John Essex.

Owners say business is the best it's ever been and they trust the new renovated levee will hold... And protect them from future floods.

“The levee before was full of rocks and bottles and it’s just wasn’t meant to hold,” says Kathy Essex.

Engineers have added on four more feet to the already standing levee...

It’s much stronger and taller so the people who work

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