FLOOD DAMAGE: FEMA Checks Webster County

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Crews from the Federal Emergency Management Agency are in Iowa Friday.

They are completing preliminary inspections of rain and flood damaged locations in Webster County. One of the areas crews visited is Lehigh. In early May, Pleasant Road along the Des Moines River collapsed due to saturation. The street only leads to one home.

Engineers expect it’ll cost about $300,000 to fix it.

The FEMA visit will help determine if the project is eligible for federal funds. If not, the mayor says the town doesn’t have the money on hand to repair the road. But she remains optimistic.

“If we all work together and it takes a little patience but we’ll get through it we’re doing the best we can and we’ve got a good council. And we’re going to try to move on it as fast as we can,” says Mayor Paula Martin.

The FEMA authorities also visited Fort Dodge to do preliminary inspections.