AGRIBUSINESS: Farm Bill To House Floor This Week

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The U.S. House of Representatives is set for a farm bill debate this week, and now House Speaker John Boehner has thrown his hat in for a new farm bill.

Previously Boehner's support was discounted due to his criticism of the House Ag Committee's dairy program, but last week Boehner confirmed he would vote in support of the new bill.

House Ag Chair Frank Lucas hopes the 218 votes needed for passage will be there; if they are, the farm bill will come up on the House floor this week. Lucas also expects votes on no more than 40 amendments.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley sees the House's nutrition cuts - $20.5 billion over the next decade - as the most contentious issue. Still, he says the House must pass a farm bill, or they'll have to explain another extension that includes direct payments.