DESERVING DAD: Big Surprise For Father

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Like any other Sunday, Father’s Day began at church for the Miller family.  But it was about to take a very unexpected turn for this father of five.   Waiting outside, a newly repaired Pontiac Bonneville.

A group of locally owned auto repair shops fixed up the car.  They held a contest looking for a family in need of a new set of wheels.   Rev. Luke Timm at Living Faith Lutheran Church in Clive knew a family.

“I was praying hard that God would provide some kind of a way and no kidding it came across my desk.  One of my members said, ‘Hey if you know anyone there's a contest going on,’” says Timm.

Timm entered the Millers without them knowing.  They were chosen out of 200 entries.

“We selected the Millers out of those entries and couldn't go to a more deserving family,” says Tim Davison, President of the Napa AutoCare Business Development Group.

Tracy and CarrieAnn Miller were presented they keys to their new car after church.

“Big, lots of shock,” says CarrieAnn Miller.

Her husband works three jobs to support the family.

“We had a point where we didn't have any car at all so we were relying on a lot of people to help us get where we need to go so it will really make a big difference,” she says.

“The Millers are a great family.  They have never asked for anything.  They have gone through the ringer as far as all sorts of different diagnoses and troubles and nothing seemed to be going right for them for a long time,” says Timm.

Until now.  This deserving Dad and his whole family are getting a big gift on Father’s Day.

“It really makes us feel great as a community that we can help somebody out,” says Davison.

This is the first car give away for the Napa AutoCare group.  Members hope to surprise more families in the future.