RUNNELLS ZONING: Future Growth Fuels Plan


The City of Runnells is working with a consultant to help create a zoning ordinance, something the city doesn’t currently have.

The City Council will spend $16,000 to put the ordinances in place.

The city says it can only get certain federal grants if they have planning and zoning in place.

The city would like to use the funds for development, including building streets and sewers.
The city has just over 500 residents, but that number has grown by 44% since the 2000 Census.

Mayor Ron Tate hopes there will be even more growth.

Tate says, “We gotta put this in place too, in case it does grow more.  We have a place to put people, to have the businesses come is the main reason we’re trying to do it”

City leaders say with Des Moines starting to develop more of its southeast side, Runnells stands to benefit in terms of growth.


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