MOSQUITO PROBLEM: Prime Breeding Ground

If you've spent any time outside lately you've problem been bitten by a mosquito or two.

All the recent flooding left behind pools of standing water, prime breeding ground for mosquitoes.

For people at local campgrounds, it's a never-ending battle using a lot of insect repellant.

The experts say some repellents are better than others.

Deet is one of the most effective ingredients, and more is always better.

The percentages are generally listed on the label.

Experts say organic repellents can work too, but usually not as well, or as long.

Donals Lewis, ISU Entomology Professor says,  "Other repellents, those that are natural, those that are organic, those that are listed as plant-based may work for you but it will be for a very brief period of time.   So if you're only going to be out for 15 minutes those lighter repellents may be all that you need.   But if you're going to be out longer than that you'll have to re-apply."

The ISU Entomology Department says mosquito populations are actually below last year's record low levels, but that will likely change depending on how much rain we get this summer.

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