FAMILY LOSS: Dog Shot, No Charges Filed

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The Ehrich family was outside playing Tuesday night when they heard a gunshot.

They live in the country near the town of Jefferson, right on the border of Guthrie and Green Counties.

“He`s never slept outside a day in his life, I’ve had him since he was five weeks old, he was a pure-bred brindle boxer his name was Chance and he was our dog,” says Amanda Ehrich of Jefferson.

Ehrich can barely hold back tears when talking about her beloved pet.

The mom of six says Chance was part of the family, but Tuesday night that was all taken away.

“All 6 kids and myself were outside playing, and I heard my dog bark four times then I heard a gunshot,” says Ehrich.

Erich says a neighboring farmer pulled up to their home and said he had just killed chance because the dog was threatening him.

However, Greene County Sheriff  Steve Haupert says the man was justified in his actions.

“He was opening this gate and the dog was up here made an attempt to become rather vicious with him then backed away and then came back,” says Sheriff Haupert.

Chance was wearing his collar when he was killed along the public roadway.

In Greene county, it's against the law for dogs to roam free and if a person feels threatened they have every right to shoot.

“He was carrying a riffle with him and took it out of the case and did load it and he did shoot the dog out the window,” says Sheriff Haupert.

The farmer was inside his truck when he shot the dog, which Ehrich says raises serious questions about how threatened he was.  She wonders why he didn’t just drive away, instead.

“You knew he was our dog you could have come down here I was standing outside he could have talked to me from his truck window,  he didn`t even have to get back out, but instead he took matters into his own hands and took something that was very precious to us,” says Ehrich.

Now Ehrich is left explaining to her kids why Chance is not coming home, and that bad things can happen when they least expect it.

“You try and teach your kids values and you try and teach them right from wrong and then you have people that do these types of things to their pet and nothing happens to them,” says Ehrich.

Thursday morning The Sheriff's Office met with the Greene County Attorney, who determined no charges will be filed in the case.

The Sheriff says these types of incidents have become a problem recently in the area.  He says although both parties could have done things differently, he is sticking by the law which justifies what happened.