HIGH ACHIEVER: Softball, Music, And Academics

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Sixteen-year-old Shuda Jarboe is not your average high school junior-to-be.  Shuda is a softball pitcher for Johnston, but that's only the beginning.  She missed all of last season with a hip injury, but is now working her way back to full-time varsity.

Off the field is where Shuda excels.  She is a very accomplished pianist and has received a Superior Plus rating at the national level for the past five years.  Due to that, she had an article written about her in the American College of Musician's Piano Players Guild.

There are a number of other impressive accomplishments such as a 4.07 GPA which ranks her first out of 478 students at Johnston High School.  Shuda has also placed very highly in a Science Olympiad, was a National History Day state winner, ranked statewide and nationally from the National French Exam, 2010 Gold Key award winner, received an award for her performance in Mock Trial, received the Governor's Institute scholarship, got a 29 on the ACT after her 7th grade year, along with numerous other accomplishments.

Shuda's goal is to someday attend an Ivy League school and play softball.