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PARK FLOODING: Ledges Bounces Back

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One of the state’s most popular parks is getting back to normal now that flood waters are going down.

On May 30th, airboat was the only way to get through Ledges State Park. The Des Moines River filled low lying areas and cut it off from those wishing to use the park.

There’s no sign of that flood damage now. The only water over the road is where the creek is supposed to trickle across.

All main roads into the lower Ledges are open. Campers and visitors are back, splashing in the creek beds and relaxing in the grass.

People we talked to say the turnaround at the park this year is great compared to past years.

“(In the past)There was a lot more tree limbs it seemed like, more debris, it took a lot longer to have it be re-opened. When we came here I didn’t even know if we’d be able to drive through here today because for other years it’s been closed for a long time,” says Shiloh Burke. “I thought there would be more damage down here after the floods…but I think this looks fantastic.”

Burke says if there’s a downside it’s that the mosquitoes seem to have taken over.