CRUNCH TIME: Creating New Festival Attraction

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It's crunch time as artists and volunteers prepare for the Des Moines Arts Festival. Thousands of visitors will flock to Western Gateway Park next weekend for the annual celebration of interactive, visual and performing art. A new attraction this year could help inspire creativity for your home.

As Gabriel Lueders arranges wooden blocks, he says, "We just wanted to kind of have an organic flow to these very square and rectangular blocks."

He is working on a piece of art for the Des Moines Arts Festival. But, this won't appear in an artist's booth. He says, "These will be like little shelves you could set stuff on. And, if somebody wanted a whole wall of shelves in their house, this could be a possible creative idea to do something like that."

This is part of the new hospitality suites. Silent Rivers Design Build partnered with the Des Moines Arts Festival for the project. Chaden Halfhill says, "The idea is to help the festival create a unique space that's something special."

The Hospitality Suites will be located across from the main stage. And, the purpose is for small businesses to be able to entertain clients. Halfhill says, "At the same time create an opportunity for the festival to be financially more sustainable because you start to create other revenue sources that help support things that give back to the community that create the free event."

People can rent the space for $1,200 to $3,500, depending on the day and time.

Halfhill says it is a new option for small businesses to be involved and support the festival. And, the project allows his 20-year-old business to share how people can incorporate creative decor in their own space. He says, "You've got to embrace creativity. If we don't have creativity at the core of our community, we don't have the spirit that keeps us going, makes us incredible."

Lueders says, "To really have fun with it, play around with it and try something new." Something new that will be on display in just about a week.

Click here for more information about the hospitality suites and a schedule of festival events. The Des Moines Arts Festival starts Friday, June 28th and runs through June 30th in Western Gateway Park.