DOG SHOT: Family Given New Puppy

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A family whose dog was killed by a neighbor this week got a new puppy, thanks to a generous viewer.  Chief is the newest member of the Ehrich family.

The Ehrich’s boxer, Chance, was shot and killed by a neighbor Tuesday.  After we aired a story about the shooting, a viewer stepped up and gave the family a boxer puppy to try to help ease their pain.

The neighbor who shot Chance insists the boxer had terrorized him, his family and neighbors in the past but Tuesday, he says, was the worst.  He says Chance barked and growled at him, so he went to his truck and shot the dog.

"When I got in the truck I grabbed my rifle from behind the seat intending to fire in the air and send him home.  And he was right there at my door just as vicious as ever and I thought I got wife, kids, grandkids, my parents, could have been any one of us.  I decided it was time to solve it." says neighbor Al Frederick.

The Greene County Sheriff says Frederick had every right to shoot Chance and no charges will be filed.