RELIC SHOW: Mammoth Bones, Artifacts

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A few years ago bones found at a southeast Iowa farm led to an archeological dig where three woolly mammoths were found. According to the University of Iowa Museums, those mammoth remains could date back 11,000 years.

“A gentleman near Keokuk County went hunting blackberries with his son…and they saw the end of a large bone sticking out of the ground. And they dug it out and it's a femur bone of a woolly mammoth,” says Tom Monroe with Skunk River Artifact Show.

The woolly mammoth bones will be displayed at the Skunk River Artifact Show on Saturday in Sigourney.  The artifacts are Native American arrow heads and axe heads and are often found in places like Keokuk County.  It's not uncommon for landowners to run across artifacts, especially after some flooding.  More and more shows are being held to display these types of items. One permanent display can be seen in the Keokuk County Courthouse.

“The artifacts that you see in this case were mostly donated by one lady but also by some other people Also, it’s a tremendous display. It's in the Keokuk County Courthouse…and can be seen anytime the courthouse is open,” says Monroe.

The Skunk River Artifact Show will be held Saturday, June 22 in the Keokuk County Expo Building in Sigourney from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. There’s no admission charge. The courthouse artifact display will not be open Saturday.

*Some images courtesy of Sigourney News Review