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BREAK IN: Fort Dodge Red Cross Hit

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Usually the Red Cross is called upon to help those in a time of need. Now the charity needs your help to find the thieves who broke into the Fort Dodge chapter.

The Red Cross in Fort Dodge is cleaning up Friday after someone broke into their office overnight.

Officials say thieves took a large flat screen TV and a laptop from the office and also vandalized some of the classrooms. A Red Cross SUV was also stolen but has been recovered.

The thieves discharged fire extinguishers and poured out bleach around the building and in an emergency response vehicle.

"What's really disappointing is the vandalism,” says Bob Kirschbaum. “I mean it's going to take a lot of time to clean up the mess, the bleach that was spread all around, the broken glass.  Just the mess they created here."

They gained access to the building by throwing a piece of concrete through a front window.

The Red Cross says service delivery were not affected for Pocahontas, Humboldt, Wright, Calhoun, Webster, and Hamilton Counties.