DAY TWO: Track & Field Results

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Des Moines native Lolo Jones is done with bobsledding, for now. Lolo is focused on making Team USA in her main sport, track and field at the USA Track and Field Championships in Des Moines.

Step one is in the books. Jones finished 3rd overall in the first round of the 100 meter hurdles. Lolo won her heat in 12.5 seconds.

Now it’s on to the semifinals Saturday at 2:25 p.m. If she gets through that, the finals of the 100 hurdles are Saturday night at 5:50.

Making the team is goal #1, but Lolo said earlier this week she plans on racing for a couple more years.

The men’s 800 semifinal offered an exciting finish. Former UNI Panther Tyler Mulder led on the inside with former Hawkeye Eric Sowinski  closing strong on the outside but neither could out-lean Nick Symmons in the middle. Symmons finished 1st, Mulder 2nd, Sowinski 3rd. All three advance to Saturday’s final.

In the men’s hammer throw, Sioux City native A.G. Kruger, spinning and throwing, wins the hammer throw and will represent the US in Russia.

Women’s 100 meter dash, English Gardner flies in lane 5, winning wins in 10.84 seconds.

In the much anticipated men’s 100 meter final, Tyson Gay in lane 4 pulled away to win in 9.75, his 3rd fastest time ever. Justin Gatlin came in 2nd and Charles Silmon was 3rd.