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AGRIBUSINESS: House rejects farm bill over SNAP amendment

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During the farm bill debate last week, an amendment from Rep. Steve Southerland of Florida proved to be too much for House Democrats to stomach.

"That caused a great divide, said Iowa Farm Bureau President Craig Hill. "Farmers again are without a farm bill."

The farm bill failed 195-234, and now the House must begin again, possibly with a new bill or by amending the Senate-passed version.

Before the final vote Thursday, House Agriculture Committee Chair Frank Lucas told his colleagues that he could not guarantee that another bill would even be attempted during this legislative session. Hill says it will be difficult.

"Congress goes to recess in the month of August," Hill said. "This farm bill expires September 30 so there's just a short time frame. With another major piece of legislation including immigration and others that are still before Congress, it's going to be a matter that requires some priority."

Hill added that Iowa's delegation voted in support of the House farm bill.