CLIMATE CHANGE: Obama Proposal ‘Not Enough’

Ed Fallon thinks President Barack Obama made progress with his speech calling for action to combat global warming.

Obama called for plans to reduce carbon emissions and expand renewable fuels.The White House estimates weather extremes costs Americans 100 billion dollars last year alone.

The republican House Speaker, John Boehner, claims the president's plan would hurt the economy.

A democratic senator accused the president of waging a coal war against his heavy coal producing state of West Virginia.

But Fallon, a former Des Moines Democratic representative and host of internet show, The Fallon Forum, says the president is not doing enough.

He spent much of Tuesday's show addressing the president's call. Fallon said, "My concern is the president is going to offer some good things, get some pats on the back,  maybe feel like he's effectively addressed the issue and move on."

Fallon wants Americans to do far more to cut back on the use of fossil fuels. He has organized the Great March for Climate Action, a cross-county, 8-month walk beginning next March to call for more attention to climate change.

Fallon said, "This is a crisis. It's the defining crisis of our time. It needs a  more impassioned, a more aggressive appeal if we're going to see something accomplished."

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