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A couple celebrated the historic US Supreme Court ruling to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act Wednesday by getting hitched and by a noteworthy judge.

Todd Ruopp and Bruce Hunter flew in from Florida.  Once they got to Iowa, the couple held a spontaneous ceremony at the courthouse Wednesday afternoon.

“It just made all the sense in the world. We got off the plane today and we heard the news and all of a sudden I looked across at Bruce and said, ‘you want to get married today?” Roupp said.

The couple says they’ve thought about getting married but hadn’t planned on doing it this soon.

The high court’s decision changed their minds.

“It’s been a very exciting pace of momentum that’s been going on,” newlywed, Bruce Hunter said. “It’s just been really cool to see state after state and country after country to legalize it and get to this point which is a huge step.”

same sex marriageRoupp’s family lives in Marshalltown.

He was coming to town for a class reunion when he and Hunter decided to tie the knot.

The judge that performed the wedding was district court Judge Robert Hanson who made the initial ruling in 2008 that lead to the legalization of same-sex marriage in Iowa in 2009.