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DOMA REACTION: Senators Differ On Ruling

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Iowa's two senators were split on Wednesday’s Supreme Court ruling to strike down DOMA.

Senator Tom Harkin told Channel 13, "I am glad that the court recognized that all American families deserve the same legal protections.

Sen. Tom Harkin“We have much progress to continue to tackle discrimination and prejudice in our country but today`s decision is historic and a significant step for equality in our nation."

Senator Charles Grassley says the ruling allows states to decide the definition of marriage.

"That's the way the law is. Marriage has always been a state responsibility - probably different from one state to another. This is basically what the Supreme Court said. And so I back it up by saying: ‘I’m for traditional marriage between one man and one woman," Sen. Grassley said.

An Iowa Supreme Court ruling led to the legalization of same-sex marriage in Iowa in 2009. In total, twelve of the 50 US states have legalized same-sex marriage.