SOCCER CHAMPS: Weather No Problem For Heatwave

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Hundreds of young soccer players were in Des Moines Wednesday competing in the finals of the Midwest Region II Soccer Championships.

A total of 211 teams have been competing in the tournament.

The winners of Wednesday’s games move on to nationals next month in Overland Park, Kansas.

The Iowa City Heatwave girls’ soccer team will be doing just that. The ladies won while taking on Academy United from Illinois.

With the day’s temperatures in the 90s, the Heatwave’s team name was fitting.

“We’ve always told them to drink water, drink as much as you can before and after the game,” Explained Janna Colvin.

“You need to rejuvenate your whole body because if you’ve looked out at some of these girls today their uniforms were just drenched. It looks like you could wring them out completely.”

The Heatwave won their game 3-1.