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TRAIL TOWN: Bicyclists Bring In Business

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Central Iowa is now home to a 72 mile long bike loop, the longest in the country, and now it’s helping boost the economy of one town.

“Read the article in the Des Moines Register about the 72 mile loop being completed and we thought that was something to jump on and give a try and Perry was a real natural place to make as a destination along the way,” says Jim Knoepfler of Johnston.

The new Raccoon River bike trail loop is bringing people to Perry on two wheels and those riders are discovering a new shop.

The Raccoon River Valley Bike Company just opened next to the Hotel Pattee. Bikes can be purchased or rented at the store..

The Hotel Pattee is also bike friendly, with parking for your two-wheel ride inside.

The hotel works with other businesses on weekend deals for lodging and movie tickets.

Bicyclists also come into the hotel for a bite to eat.

“It’s been a real Godsend for the city, the trail has spurred a lot of activity,” says George Pappas with the Hotel Pattee.

The town will also be an overnight stop on this year’s RAGBRAI, although the Raccoon River Bike Trail is not a part of the RAGBRAI route.