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URBANDALE CRASH: Injuries In 5-Car Pile-Up

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Two people are seriously injured after a five-car pile-up Wednesday evening in Urbandale.

It happened in the intersection of 70th Street and Douglas Avenue.

“I stopped at the red light and I heard a bang at the red light,” witness Ted Jefferson described.

Jefferson says the car went up to 7 foot in the air as it flipped over the roof of his car.

Authorities said there were five injuries on the scene, two of which are serious.

“People here like to speed,” witness, Jared Ohara says. “Urbandale does a really good job trying to keep the speeds down here but obviously people around here drive really crazy.”

Ohara went on to describe it as a “senseless but reckless act.” He hopes people will slow down in the area.

Police say the driver who initially caused the crash was taken to the hospital. They did not say what charges he will face.