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CYCLIST FATALITY: Safety Came First – Family

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Services begin Thursday night for a man killed while riding his bike Monday. It happened just before 7 am just north of Boone. Authorities say a car struck 59-year-old Paul Ladd.

Ladd was training for RAGBRAI when a driver struck him from behind.

His daughter, Allyson says biking safety always came first for her dad.

killed cyclist daughter“He always wore proper bike gear; he always wore reflectors, because unfortunately he always knew things like that could happen.”

The retired Marine was riding on a rural road that he considered a safe training area.

The Iowa Department of Transportation says both bikers and drivers have responsibilities and should always be mindful when sharing the road.

“We need to be on the lookout for bicyclists cause this is prime time, people are training for RAGBRAI and they’re out there so we have to be very alert,” says Kathy Ridnour of the Iowa Department of Transportation.

The driver who hit Ladd, 28-year old Christopher Fawcett, has a history of speeding violations but police don't know if that played in a factor in this incident.

Authorities say alcohol wasn't involved.

Charges are still pending for Fawcett, but police say he'll likely be charged with a misdemeanor traffic violation.