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FAIR FOOD: New Treats For 2013

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The Iowa State Fair has released a list of some of the new fair foods you’ll be able to enjoy this year, and it’s no surprise that many of them are on a stick.

There are eight finalists in the new foods contest and the winner will be announced during the state fair, based on judges’ scores from the Iowa State Fair Board.

Fairgoers can try the smoothie on a stick as a sweet and healthy way to cool down.

Some of the other mouthwatering selections include the shrimp corndog, bacon wrapped riblet on a stick, and a fried brownie on a stick.

More choices include a soft salted chocolate-dipped almond pretzel on a stick, sweet corn corndog, Rib Shack Cowboy, and the Coconut Mountain.

State fair organizers plan to release more new food selections in July.

The Iowa State Fair runs August 8-18.

*photos courtesy of the Iowa State Fair