K2 RAID: Federal Agents Search Stores

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This week, federal agents raided several eastern Iowa businesses as part of a crack-down on synthetic drugs.

On Wednesday, agents searched two stores in Iowa City – The Den and In-Zone in search of synthetic drugs.

Agents hauled away tubs of unknown substances from The Den.

In Cedar Rapids, agents searched eight different stores.

Agents with the DEA’s office in Saint Louis said they found hundreds of pounds of synthetic marijuana, commonly known as K2, as well as bath salts, money, and handguns.

Nearby business owners say they’re not overly surprised.

“I feel like there’s a certain group of people that frequent that space and you hear a lot of rumors but I know they sell a lot of different substances that people have protested against” Discerning Eye owner, Joni Schrup.

The raids come one month after police in Iowa City acknowledged that their town was becoming a top supplier of the drug known as K2.

The federal government banned K2 but many drug producers have found legal loopholes to allow them to make similar blends.