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MORNING BUZZ: Rulings, Names and Neighbors

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Good morning.


I held off writing anything yesterday knowing the Supreme Court was going to rule on same-sex marriage yesterday.  I wanted to take a day and think about it a little.  Here are some of the things rolling around in the void between my ears…

-First, I am not a lawyer.  It looks to me like the Court followed the law.  I’ve written here before…to me this is simple…You can’t offer benefits to one group and not another.  12 States now recognize legal marriage of same-sex couples.  The Federal Government should recognize and offer the more than 1100 benefits to same-sex couples.

-For those of you standing there saying…this has always been the definition of marriage…for thousands of years.  you can’t just change it.  Sure you can.  Ask Martin Luther, Henry VIII…you get the idea.  They took hundreds of years of Religious tradition and turned it on its ear.  These beliefs…attitudes whatever you want to call it, seem so permanent at the time.  But the world has always seen change like this…

-I’ve written here before.  I don’t understand why some people feel this devalues marriage in some way.  My marriage is in no way devalued by the sophomoric and disrespectful treatment of the institution by heterosexual couples.  Why should I be concerned if a same-sex couple who has shown commitment to each other for decades wants to formalize that?  I am married.  I worry about my marriage…not yours.

-This, in no way forces Churches to recognize same-sex marriage.  Believe what you believe….but especially for Christians I’d reflect on the question, WWJD.

-I thought it was a little comical watching opponents of Same Sex marriage get in front of cameras and say things like, “The Supreme Court isn’t the ultimate authority on this question”. The thing is, if the ruling had gone your way…they would have been.

-Read the dissent from Justice Scalia.  It really has little to do with the case.  It has more to do with fundamental principles of how the Court chooses its cases.  Scalia basically says, everyone in the lower court agreed that this is unconstitutional…so why are we here?  It’s an interesting question.

-Who wants to throw out an over/under for when the next case will come before the court challenging one of the state constitutional amendments barring same-sex marriage?  This question isn’t decided yet.


Brits will be on ANYTHING.  Right now they are betting on baby names as they await the arrival of William and Kate’s Royal bundle of joy.  There are some weird names floating in the betting pool.  Everyone assumes it’s a girl.


My neighborhood Association had its semi-annual meeting last night and I was reminded why I feel so good about my neighbors.  There had to be 40 people that showed up to talk about neighborhood issues. I mention this because a lot of communities have these organizations.  Get involved!

There’s an easy way to stay connected with people in our Association.  It’s called . It’s a closed internet group: you have to be invited to join.  It’s allowed my neighbors to collaborate on gardening projects, get recommendations for housework, and communicate about safety issues.  If you don’t have a neighborhood association and you just want to set up a group…you can do that to.  Check it out.  It’s a great way to get to know the people who live around you.

I hope you have a good one!