MURPHY’S LAW: NBA Draft, Capital City Craziness, Thomas lives on

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By: John Sears

The 2013 NBA Draft is in the books, as we all expected Anthony Bennett from UNLV was the #1 pick by the Cavs.  Bennett?  What happened to Len?  Noel?  McLemore?  Some people are up in arms over this pick, not me.  This draft had no big superstars. No Lebron James’, no Anthony Davis’, no Kyrie Irving or Derrick Rose’s.  Bennett is not a superstar but he’s no less of a ‘superstar’ than any other player in the draft.  I’m not sold on Len or Noel.  For all the ‘potential’ that Noel has, he’s also a 206 lb 6’11” center who’s coming off a torn ACL.  Thin, thin, thin.  206 pounds with limited offensive game is not a #1 pick.  There’s a reason Cleveland couldn’t trade the #1 pick, there’s no one worthy of that pick, so why not Bennett?

The Boston Celtics have thrown in the towel for a couple years while the Brooklyn Nets are going ‘all in’ next year.  The Nets get Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Jason Terry for some #1 draft picks.  I actually think this is good for both teams.  The Celtics are going in the wrong direction and aren’t getting to the finals with the current roster.  Why not get some picks for an aging Garnett and Pierce?  The Nets have a solid roster now, but can they compete with Miami, Chicago and Indiana?  I think they can.

Courtesy:  Univ. of Iowa

Courtesy: Univ. of Iowa

Iowa’s Aaron White and Creighton’s Doug McDermott make Team USA for the World University Games.  Great opportunity for both players.  White didn’t have another Big 10 offer out of high school, McDermott didn’t even have an offer from his Dad Greg when he was at Iowa State.  WU Games are July 7-16 in Russia.

The Capital City basketball league (league that ISU and Drake players play in) is providing some of the most ridiculous stats I’ve ever seen.  Sherron Dorsey-Walker scored 67 on the opening night.  From there it’s been a steady stream of 40, 50 point games.  The latest comes from Naz Long who dropped 54 on Friday. Long averaged 1.4 points per game last year for the Cyclones.  Point guard Bubu Palo has scored over 40 in 3 of the 4 games he’s played in.  Check out this stat line from the latest game, 40 pts, 21 rebs, 15 assists.  Bubu averaged 2.8 points per game last year for the Clones.  Crazy stats, all for fun.

The Patriots are offering anyone with an Aaron Hernandez jersey a free trade.  Trade in the Hernandez jersey and get any other jersey for free.  Smart move.  Separating themselves as far from Hernandez as possible is the best thing the Pats can do.

The NCAA really dropped the hammer on the Oregon football program.  1 scholarship lost.  Wow, that’s like Kentucky basketball suspending their water boy.

It was a who’s who of local celebrities at the Ed Thomas Family Foundation golf classic on Saturday.  Great organization raising money in the name of Ed Thomas. I worked in eastern Iowa for 5 years and interviewed Ed many times.  Great man, can’t ask for more in a leader.  Just how much did Thomas mean to the state and beyond?  Here’s a list of celebrities who played in the golf tournament.

Aaron Kampman
Casey Wiegmanned-thomas-si
Brian Ferentz
Gary Dolphin
Jordy Nelson
Chris Doyle
Dr. Tom Davis
Brad Banks
Dick Vermeil
Trent Green
Brad Meester
Fred Hoiberg
Casey Blake
John Walters
James Vandenberg
Dallas Clark

That’s a celebrity lineup.