FATAL PARTY : Friends Say Drink Was ‘Spiked’

Last Saturday, Aaliyah West's mother found her dead at a friend's house in Grimes. Aaliyah had been hanging out and drinking with friends.

Sunday night, family and friends placed candles on the gravesite to remember the teen.

“She was just the really sweet girl that everyone could just easily get along with. She made friends wherever she went, like it was just easy for her. That was just her personality,” says Kelsey Hopson, a friend of Aaliyah's.

Aaliyah would have been a senior at Dallas Center Grimes High School this fall.

The night of her death she was hanging out with what her friends say was the "wrong crowd." According to friends Aaliyah had been drinking and her drink had been spiked.

Those who were with Aaliyah were all under aged drinkers and were afraid to call for help, fearing they would get in trouble.

The victim’s friends say something like this would have never happened if they would have been around.

Taylor Kroupa says, “I’m mad because I wasn`t there, if I were I would have been like you’re not doing anything what are you thinking.”

The Polk County Sheriff's isn't releasing any confirmed information this case. The case is still under investigation.

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