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Des Moines Police are trying to track down the driver who wrapped a car around a utility pole over the weekend.  They received an anonymous tip just before 4 a.m. Sunday.  When they arrived in the 1900 block of Hartford Avenue, they didn't find anyone hurt.  In fact, they didn't find anyone at all.

“I've never seen anything like this,” says Adam Garris at G & S Services, the company that towed the 2000 Pontiac Grand Am.

The crash split the car in two.  Yet somehow, the driver managed to walk away.

“If someone had been in the back seat of this vehicle , they would not have survived this wreck.  In the front seat, they apparently did,” says Des Moines Police Sgt. Jason Halifax.

As bad as back looks, the front end of the car is mostly intact.  Both doors still open and close which is how the driver got out and got away.

“They searched the area for well over an hour, had a dog come in, the dog wasn't able to find anything,” says Halifax.

A second search of the area on Hartford turned up empty.  Police checked with local hospitals, but no one walked in with any injuries that could have come from the crash.

According to police, there is a good chance the car was stolen.  The Pontiac had no license plate and the last registration expired last August.

“What the officers do now is they go to that last person who had the vehicle registered to them and basically ask them, ‘Where's the car now?  What did you do with the car?  Did you sell it, loan it out?  What happened with it?’” says Halifax.

“That's definitely one of the craziest accidents, one of the worst accidents I've seen,” says Garris.

As of Monday night, no one has called police to report a stolen car matching the description of the Pontiac.