HABITAT BUILD: Home Displayed At Festival

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In less than 48 hours, volunteers with Habitat for Humanity built a home from the ground up.  The crowd checking out the Des Moines Arts Festival got to check in on their progress.

“We get thousands of people every day just watching a house go up and how often do you get to do that,” says Beth Gibbins from Habitat for Humanity.

This is the group’s third build at the Arts Festival.  Close to 100 volunteers from Meredith Reformed Church and AmeriCorps helped get the job done.

“Our construction crew has really, really been working hard on this and they’re exhausted.  But it’s also fun because we’re all proud of what we do, helping these hard-working families earn a home,” says Gibbins.

“I knew it would happen and come together, it just meant some hard work and here it is,” says volunteer George McVicker.

The family is from Nepal with kids ages 8 to 18.  Right now, they are living in a three bedroom apartment.  Thanks to the volunteer labor and some donated materials, they can now afford to buy a house.

“If you’ve ever had an opportunity to hand off keys to a family, that’s pretty amazing,” says McVicker.

At midnight, volunteers will begin moving the new home to a lot on East 15th.  Volunteers will put the finishing touches on the house so the family can move in this fall.

This year, Habitat for Humanity will help build and repair homes for 120 families in the community.