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I-35 CONSTRUCTION: New Rest Stops

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More than 42,000 cars drive I-35 north of the metro each day and travelers along the road may have noticed a lot of dirt moving.

New rest stops are now under construction after the department of transportation closed the former north metro rest areas, which closed in order to build the new 36th street interchange at Ankeny.

After some discussion through public hearings, the new stops will be on the east and west sides of the interstate just northeast of the town of Alleman in Polk County.

The DOT will spend more than sixteen million dollars to build the new rest areas.

Andy Loonan of the DOT said that this will provide more than just a rest room break, “If you’re tired or you need to take a break, be able to get off the road and have a spot to do that. Availability, WiFi, get off and do your texting and internet type stuff.”

The new rest area is set to open summer of 2014.