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IMMIGRATION REFORM: Group Seeks Support From Latham

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Numerous groups came together today to show their support for immigration reform. They say they represent immigrants struggling in the U.S. American Friends Service Committee’s Sandra Sánchez says, “It’s very frustrating for people like me to see that people are experiencing that kind of life for years on end."

The group, Organizing for Action, which is known to support the Obama administration's policies, held a news conference outside Congressman Tom Latham's Des Moines office today. Members left a letter for Latham, asking him to support the bill recently approved in the Senate. The bill would grant amnesty to 11-million immigrants.

While many expressed concern over portions of the proposal, most on hand agree, the bill is a step in the right direction. Organizing for Action’s Rick Smith says, “As you can see there is a little difference in opinion today. We`re not all speaking with one voice, but that`s OK. That`s what America, that`s what democracy is all about. So we just want to move forward. We`re all united in that we want to move immigration forward.”

In addition to asking Latham to present a stated position on immigration reform, they also invited Latham to an immigration reform rally at the State Capitol on July 27th.

Representative Tom Latham's office responded with the following:

“To be clear, Congressman Latham does not support the legislation passed by the U.S. Senate — which is a moot point anyway as House leaders have already announced that the House will not consider the Senate bill.  The House will instead take its own approach on needed reforms to our nation's broken immigration system and failed border security.

“Congressman Latham will read and review all initiatives passed out of committee to determine if they are genuine, commonsense solutions that effectively address these problems.”