SHOOTING WITNESS: Warrant Issued For Teen

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Des Moines Police detectives have issued a material witness warrant in a weekend shooting.

Police say they’re looking for 15 year old Antwan Geral Campbell of Des Moines.  Anyone with information on the location of Campbell is asked to call police or Polk County Crimestoppers at (515) 223-1400.

Officers responded to a fight at a house party on the 17 hundred block of Mondamin Avenue early Saturday morning.  They found 16-year-old Tony Matthews laying in the yard.

Witnesses say the party started with a dozen people but got out of control when the crowd grew to nearly 100. A fight broke out and Matthews got shot in the abdomen and chest.  He’s still in critical condition at the hospital.

Police say they do not know who fired the weapon but Campbell’s name was developed during the course of this investigation and he’s believed to have relevant and pertinent information regarding this case.

Again, you are asked to contact police or Polk County Crimestoppers at (515) 223-1400 if you have any information on Campbell.