BBQ MAN: Delights Palates, Battles Illness

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For a barbecue man, this is primetime but it doesn’t last long.

“My ribs are gone," he tells a disappointed customer. "Ribs went quick.”

Summer arrived late, and will soon be gone.

“I got smoked brisket," he adds, "I got my Creole chicken.”

There are just a few precious weeks to enjoy the bounty.

“Let me see you smile!" says Kelsey Jones of Uncle Kelsey's BBQ. "There you go! It makes me happy to see you smile!”

Jones is at it every week, loving his work.

“I enjoy feeding the masses. It’s fun to me.”

It’s in his blood.

uncle kelsey's bbq“My mother had a restaurant in my house when I was a kid.”

But the rich food which has surrounded him has taken a heavy toll…

“Diabetes is cruel. You think you’ve got it under control… surprise!”

Fifteen years ago, it took most of his eyesight.  Then his left leg.  Then most of his right foot.  And there could be more to come.

“You gotta be concerned. You know I recently got set up for dialysis in case I need it, you know my kidneys are getting worse. I’m gonna need a kidney transplant pretty soon.”

In the cruelest of ironies, the kind man cooking the delectable food, can’t eat it. Serving it to us is the best he can do.

“I guess I’m kind of eating through them! You know?”

We’re happy beneficiaries, and it’s good to see a man making the most of what he does have.

“They always say, find something you’re good at and stick with it. So I’m good at this.”

So he is. And we’ll be happy to have the barbecue man this summer.  It never lasts long enough.

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