HOUSE RACE: Veteran Wants King’s Seat

jim mowrer

A Boone native says he’s entering the race for Iowa’s fourth district.

Democrat Jim Mowrer is running against Congressman Steve King for the seat in 2014.

27-year old Mowrer hasn’t held elected office but he has served his country in the military.

Mowrer joined the Iowa National Guard straight out of high school.

During one deployment, his unit served in Iraq a record 23-months. Most recently he worked on making the Army more efficient at the Pentagon.

“When I served in Iraq, there were no Democrats or Republicans – just Americans working together to protect our safety and stability.  But when I look at Congress, I don’t see that same approach,” Mowrer said in a release.

“I’ve decided to run for Congress to restore that true sense of public service –and to work together to find common sense solutions that will help middle class families like mine,” he added.

Mowrer holds a Masters of Public Policy from George Mason University.

He faces an uphill battle against republican, Rep. King who has held his seat for six terms.

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