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HUMAN CHAIN: Retirees Protest Inflation Changes

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The Iowa Alliance for Retired Americans is sending a message to Iowa’s congressional delegation.

The group created a human chain in front of the federal building in Des Moines Tuesday.

Congress and the White House are considering adopting the chained consumer price index as the inflation gauge.

It assumes that people buy less-expensive alternatives when prices of goods and services increase.

The move would save the government money.

Protestors say the move would cut social security checks by $1,000 dollars per year after the age of 85.

“All of the folks who retire, everyone ages no matter what part of society they come from, so everyone who is retiring or thinking about retiring at some time in the future is concerned about what’s going to happen when they do retire,” says Jan Laue.

A similar scene played out in more than 40 cities across the nation.