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MOORE TO THE STORY: New Blogger, Buried Alive, Holiday Weekend

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Well this is my first time blogging for Channel 13! There never seems to be enough time in the newscast to share all the amazing details about a lot of the stories we cover. This is a way to expand on stories that otherwise would be limited to under two minutes. Giving you a little “Moore” to the story, I know cheesy but I had to play up my last name!

Today, I was able to tell an amazing story about a 23-year-old from New Providence who was buried alive.  He was working in a grain bin when the corn collapsed around him trapping him inside.

CaptureHere’s the link if you missed it.

Arick Baker said he was climbing into the grain bin to do a job he’s done a lot of times before. He said his Dad told him it’s the worst job on the farm, and the most dangerous. Baker said a lot of things happened once he was trapped that saved his life.
First, his Dad always told him if someone is trapped in a grain bin you drive your truck into the bin as hard as you can to relieve the pressure. His Dad always checks on his son to make sure he’s okay while in the grain bin and he didn’t this time. That turned out to  be a blessing because if he would have driven into grain bin to save his son, rescue crews said it would have crushed them both! The Second lucky charm was Baker’s mask.

It’s a special mask that filters air so he can breathe clean air while working inside the bin. His Dad bought it for him because of his asthma. It’s not helmetdesigned for people to use in grain bins, but in this case it allowed Baker to breath and kept the corn from suffocating him. Finally, the Iowa Falls Fire Department  bought a grain bin rescue device just three months ago for this exact situation. This was the first time they used it. The medal tube assembles around a trapped victim so the pressure and grain can be removed. Crazy how in crisis situation things align just right!

Finally, is anybody else excited for the Holiday weekend? I just switched to my former colleagues Krystle Kacner’s shift.  When Krystle left to go report in her hometown of Milwaukee (which I’m so happy for her, but miss her so much) I got bumped up to her shift, Monday-Friday.  That means this will be my first full weekend off in a year and a half.  I hope to relax and enjoy time with friends and family.  That will include lighting off sparklers, my favorite part about the 4th! With that I will close my first blog post.  I hope everyone has a fun and safe Holiday weekend. Ciao!