MORNING BUZZ: I’m sorry…it’s July?

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That’s’ how I feel this week.  We made plans for Mid-July and a few weeks ago is seemed like a lifetime away.  Instead, I’m staring down the meat of the month next week and feeling like Summer is half gone before I even settled in to enjoy it.

The good news is it’s a Holiday weekend.  July 3rd, is a special night for Sally and I ’cause we went on our first “date” back in the summer of 1987.  We get to go to the fireworks again tonight for the first time in a long time.  Brooke will take you through the morning of the 4th and then I get to come back and do the evening shows Friday night.  That’s great because it means I get to stay up late two nights!  It’s the little things.

The News:


So I can’t help but feel the disclosure of the Governor’s car speeding down Highway 20 in April is simply an effort to get people wondering if the Governor had anything to do with it.  He says he didn’t…and it’s pretty clear he wasn’t behind the wheel.  So what are we talking about? If someone has an accusation to make against the Governor…that he tried to get someone fired or that he told the Trooper driving him around to speed…then I can ask him about this with a straight face.  He says he wasn’t paying any attention to the SUV’s speed the night in question and I’d say that’s the way it ought to be.  Wouldn’t you rather have him working on the business of the state  between stops?

The part I didn’t hear in a lot of the news reports was the portion of the tape where the suspended DCI agent says he “already has enough career problems”.  Not the part where he says this incident is going to cause him problems…he acknowledges he already HAD problems.  To better understand the entire story, why not release your personnel record and let everyone know why you were already in trouble at work?  If the infraction(s) were minor, that helps your case.

So why wouldn’t he do it?  Maybe it’s not minor.


It would appear Dr Nany Sebring decided if she’s going down…she’s going to take some people with her.  Sebring, you know by now, filed  a lawsuit saying a member of the School Board, the District Spokesman and the District Attorney deliberately give the media embarrassing emails about her in order to damage her reputation.  None of this matters of course because Sebring is a public figure using taxpayer-funded equipment to compose her embarrassment.  She did this to herself.

Board Member Joe Jongewaard wrote an eloquent op/ed for the Des Moines Register saying he thinks the District should hold it’s ground…it shouldn’t settle with Sebring (which would probably work out to be the cheaper thing to do). “Not one dime” is Jongewaard’s repeated call.  I agree…in fact I embrace the spirit of his call for civic unity.  While we’re at it… I’m sure he would support the release of the tape of the closed-door meeting where Dr Sebring resigned.  That tape, coincidentally, is also caught in a court battle.  If the Board wants full public support for a fight against Sebring…we should also get full disclosure of the circumstances surrounding her departure.   It’s the height of hypocrisy to suggest that it’s Ok for the District to release embarrassing details about Dr Sebring because its public record, but then suggest the Board should be protected from an embarrassing conversation they had behind closed doors.  Iowa Law is clear, the tape is public record.  The District has to prove it meets the criteria for being kept secret.  As long as the dirty laundry is going out on the line you might as well air all of it.


It doesn’t look good for the new “democracy” in Egypt as I write this.  NBC News is reporting a coup is underway.  The Military appears to be making good its threat to take over, and the possibility of a Civil War is real..  None of this is good for the people of Egypt, for the Middle East or for the world and its gas tanks.


My line of sight at my desk is straight at the TV over our Producer’s shoulder and as we get ready for the show, Extra is on.  I know I know…Anyway they seem to be making a big deal out of Justin Bieber dating a Hooters Girl.  Isn’t that pretty much par for the course for a 19 year-old boy?


So Lance Armstrong is coming to ride RAGBRAI.   Yeah that seems like a good idea.  Put yourself in a rural area, surrounded by thousands of biking enthusiasts that you lied to for your whole career.  Bets on whether the first piece of pie he gets is to the face.

See you at the Fireworks…have a good one