MOVE OVER: Tougher Penalties ‘Working’

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The Iowa state patrol says tougher penalties associated with the move over law are working.

Drivers are required to change lanes or slow down when they see a stopped emergency, tow or maintenance vehicle on the side of road.

It’s been a year since the Iowa Department of Transportation stepped up penalties for failing to do so.

Now, anyone found guilty of violating the laws will have their license suspended.

The state patrol says, although they wrote about half as many citations to drivers last year, it could be better.

“There’s no excuse for it. There is absolutely no excuse. We are out here to promote safety and do the job to keep people safe yet we’re getting hit. We’re getting struck or near misses because people aren’t doing what they’re supposed to and that’s to pay attention and drive,” says trooper Mark Sigwarth.

Officials say the Fourth of July is the second deadliest driving holiday.