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SPEEDING INCIDENT: ‘Unfortunate Situation’ – Vilsack

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A former governor is giving state troopers the benefit of the doubt Wednesday.

It comes after a trooper was caught speeding while transporting Governor Branstad. The trooper responding then decided not to pull the governor’s officer over when clocked at 84mph.

Current agriculture secretary, Tom Vilsack described it as an “unfortunate situation.”

“Generally speaking, these folks do follow the law and they very rarely utilize the opportunity to go faster. But it’s primarily because there’s a situation that requires your attendance and requires you to be there and you’re a little bit behind. vilsackIt’s an unfortunate situation,” Vilsack told Channel 13.

During the incident, a state DCI agent tipped off state troopers to a speeding SUV. It turned out the SUV was carrying the governor and was driven by a state trooper.

It never got pulled over.

The DCI agent who called it in was later suspended, though we haven’t been told why.

The troopers are currently being investigated.