CONSECUTIVE ATTACKS: Court Avenue Beatings

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A good Samaritan says he saw a man passed out on the ground and tried to help.

Police responded to the parking lot on the corner of 4th Street and Court Avenue in downtown Des Moines just after midnight Wednesday.

“He was kind of dazed at first and just hadn`t woke up I think and then just came too and just kind of launched at me,” says victim, Alex Redding.

The alleged attacker was 27-year old Marcus Spears of Altoona. He was arrested for assault and public intoxication. Spears straddled the victim and punched him several times in the face before the victim’s friend wrestled off Spears.

The victim was left with was a black eye and bloody lip and realizes it could have ended a lot differently.

“I’m very thankful that my buddy was there or I would have probably been in more struggle than I was.”

Wednesday night, police were called to a second beating at the same location.

A 57–year old man remains in serious yet stable condition at Mercy hospital with a fractured skull and jaw.

Police have questioned a suspect. The case is still under investigation.