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POLICE CHASE: Bikers Injured In 95MPH Pursuit

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Two people were sent to the hospital after wiping out on a motorcycle while running from police.

Iowa state patrol clocked two motorcycles doing about 95mph on Interstate-235 at around 5:30 Thursday evening.

As the trooper went after the pair, one drove on to East Euclid Avenue and clipped a car, wiping out.

The 37-year old rider, Robert Monroe of Des Moines is facing a long list of charges.

His 22-year old passenger, Bridgette Williams, remains in the hospital with serious head injuries.

We are told neither was wearing a helmet.

The state patrol says if someone gets hurt while running from police, they have no one to blame but themselves.

"They happen for a reason and the reason why they happen is because the driver of these vehicles instigate and start this pursuit,” says Sgt. Joel Ehler, “We do not start a pursuit per se."

The other speeding bike wasn't caught.

Officers haven’t said if alcohol played a role in the crash, but they did say the operator of the motorcycle did not have a valid license.