BUSINESS CONCERNS: Court Avenue Safety

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Two consecutive beatings in the Court Avenue district earlier this week have some who live, work, and spend their evenings there concerned.

Wednesday overnight, police say a man punched a bystander several times in the face.

The next night a surveillance camera caught a second attack that left the victim severely injured.

Court Avenue is a crucial piece to the downtown area in Des Moines but for the businesses located on the street, they hope the recent crime doesn't give it a bad reputation.

“It makes you think, should I come back to this restaurant bar or club or should I find someplace else to go next time,” says Sir Charles Johnson.

Bars and restaurants along the street have been actively working to help curb the violence to keep business alive.

Dio Rios Cantina and Tequila manager, Jeff Duncan says, “We have a Court association where we put extra police down here on busy nights and do everything we can to make the place safe fun and inviting for people.”

In addition to extra patrol on busy nights the Des Moines police have eight to twelve undercover officers on duty.