AIRPORT FEES: Proposal A ‘Monopoly’

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Des Moines International Airport is considering new fees that could put some businesses out of business.

According to emails, the airport wants to collect fees for commercial vehicles that pick up passengers.  The fees will apply to shuttle services, limo’s and taxi’s.

Some of the highest fees will be imposed on parking lots that offer shuttle services for airline passengers.

For Jet Parking, the fees will be $5 for a round trip. They only charge $5.25 for parking.  The manager believes the airport, which has it’s own parking, is trying to force her out of business.

airport charges proposal"I feel like it's kind of a monopoly that they're trying to form over here." says Kelli Swanson,  "We're just a small business trying to make it through."

Airport officials didn’t want to go on camera.  They plan to address the fees at a meeting Tuesday morning.