LATE CONCERT: Fans’ Bieber Fever Drops

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Some fans' Bieber fever turned a bit chilly after waiting close to two hours for the pop star to perform.

Organizers did say Justin Bieber was scheduled to come on at 9:30 so he technically was only 30 minutes late, but the concert ran much later than many Bieber fans bedtimes. Mother Katie Olson says, “This is something they looked forward to. Something for six months. And so for them to get to the point where they’re frustrated and bored enough to get sleepy I mean that’s a long delay.”

Most fans forgave Bieber the minute he got onstage; however their chaperones weren’t impressed. Mother AnnMarie Gerke says, “We felt very much used, in a very very terrible position. I mean I just felt like they knew they could make us wait however long knowing we weren’t going to leave.”

When father Dave Lashley was asked what he would say to Bieber if he ran into him on the street, he responded, “I wouldn’t say anything. I would just shake him until I got my money back.”

All admit the show was impressive once he made it onstage but, a few fans of J-Beibs say they lost their belief in Bieber Sunday night.