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DIAPER DASH: Campaign To Help Babies In Need

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A big chunk of employers at one central Iowa work place have growing baby bumps on display. And, these moms-to-be are pros at dealing with newborns.

New Mom Brandi Rahto says, "This is Nolan." She goes on to say, "He is a month old."

Even though she just had her first baby, she was already a pro with newborns. She says, "It's fun seeing everyone have babies, it's exciting."

She's a nurse on the Labor and Delivery floor at Iowa Methodist Medical Center. And, many of her co-workers are about to become patients.

R.N. Shelly Cory jokes, "Some people are afraid. Don't drink the water, you know, up on labor and delivery."

You'll find about 15% of the nurses sporting baby bumps with due dates ranging from this week to this December. Cory says, "Due in October, October 18th."

And, they're not alone. Blank Children’s Hospital President David Stark says the birth rate in Des Moines is up 2.5% from last year. He says that’s the first time in about four years. He says, "Maybe it's the economy, maybe people are feeling better, but deliveries have gone up."

And, any mom-to-be knows babies need a lot of diapers. Newborns alone need 10 to 12 a day. Stark says, "And a toddler needs 6 to 8 a day. And, they add up very quickly in expense."

That's why UnityPoint Health Des Moines is holding its third diaper dash campaign. The goal is to give 10,000 diapers to the Des Moines Area Religious Council, or DMARC, by Mid-August.

The group will distribute to families in need. Stark says, "So, 10,000 diapers in a little more than a month: a big target."

You can help by dropping off diapers at any Unity Point OB or pediatric clinic, donate money at the hospital gift shop, or, just like UnityPoint Des Moines Pregnancy and Maternity on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

Stark says, "We're using social media as a way to get followers to this event. And, we'll give on your behalf. And, we're going to participate in this as well."

Cory says, "I think it's great you know, what we're doing here, and that people are able to donate those and give them to people in need because they do go through a lot, these new born babies."

The campaign starts July 8th and runs through August 16th.