FLORES RETRIAL: Jury Selection Begins

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Jury selection began Monday in the second trial of a high profile murder case that dates back to the 1990′s.

David Flores is being re-tried in the 1996 death of Phyllis Davis, who died after getting caught in the middle of a gun battle.

Flores was serving a life sentence for first degree murder but in 2009, the state Court of Appeals granted him a new trial after new evidence surfaced.

Seventy potential jurors reported to the Polk County courthouse Monday morning.

They started by filling out a questionnaire that will help the attorneys with the actual selection process that begins Tuesday.

Finding a 12 member jury for a first degree murder trial always takes time but all the pre-trial publicity with this one is sure to make it even more of a challenge.

Part of that publicity came when Flores’ bond was revoked in June. He had been out of prison after posting a $500,000 bond in March of last year but it was withdrawn by the bond company as they believe he engaged in illegal activity while free on bond.

Flores is back in jail until the trial comes to a conclusion. That’s expected to take around three weeks.