GRAFFITI CLEAN-UP: Altoona Neighborhood Targeted

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Altoona police are cleaning up after vandals hit the southeast part of town.

Police say someone spray-painted the word NUGZ in a neighborhood near Spring Creek Soccer Complex.

Authorities say the word means homegrown marijuana.

The vandals targeted four stop signs, mailboxes, sidewalks and the backboard of a basketball hoop.

A vacant Southeast Polk school building also got hit.

Authorities don’t believe this is evidence of any kind of organized gang.

Those living in the area say they are keeping their eyes peeled.

“It’s just kind of unfortunate that they’d come into our little neighborhood and do this but I don’t think it will happen again because next I’m they’re going to get caught and everybody is going to keep their eyes open from now on,” says Eric Heck.

City workers are cleaning up the graffiti on public property.

Authorities estimate the damage cost about $200.