FLORES RE-TRIAL: Deal Reached After 3rd Offer

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David Flores accepted a plea deal before his re-trial had barely started, Tuesday. His attorney says that deal wasn't the prosecution's first offer.

On Friday, Flores rejected an offer that involved a 50-year prison sentence.

Monday, Flores rejected the second offer -- one that meant a 45-year prison sentence.

The third offer - the one agreed to Tuesday - means Flores will likely be a free man in a matter of days.

Polk County Prosecutor John Sarcone hopes the deal also frees the Davis family from more pain.

“I think it is a just result and my hope is that they can finally put this behind them the healing process is complete. [The family] don`t have to have the scabbed ripped off their pain again and on the other hand, I hope Mr. Flores has a very successful good life, that he doesn`t engage in criminal activity and spends the rest of his years doing good things,” Sarcone added.

As part of the plea deal, the prosecution also agreed not to file criminal charges against Flores for an alleged robbery last year.

On September 12th, Roberto Martinez told police he and his girlfriend, Lindsey Johnson were tied up and beaten by two unidentified men wearing bandanas over their faces.

The men ransacked the home and stole $6,000 in cash hidden in a location only Johnson knew of. She also “begged” Martinez not to call police.

Johnson and two others were later charged in connection with the case.

Flores is not, and won't be charged, as a result of Tuesday’s agreement.

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