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LIFE FLIGHT: Blood To Be Carried On Board

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An Iowa air ambulance says it will soon carry blood and plasma to patients in flight.

Iowa Methodist Medical Center says it’ll be the first transport in Iowa to implement the program.

It doesn’t require much new equipment, just a cooler for storage and a blood warmer to use before fluid is administered.

Authorities hope it will speed up and improve patient care.

The crew will only carry two units of blood and two units of plasma on each trip.

“It’s enough to get us started for our short transport times,” says air ambulance manager, Michael Zweigart.

“That’s a total of 4 pints of blood fluid product, that will be enough to bridge the patient either from the interstate to the hospital or from the referring hospital to Methodist where the trauma team can take over, assess and determine the need for further products,” Zweigart adds.

Life Flight will start the new program at the end of this month.